Simon Slater


Derek is a skilled photographer, very down on his luck, until a mysterious envelope drops through the letter box.  It seems that a stranger wants to hire him to take pictures of an elegant young woman as she walks through leafy Holland Park. The catch is she must not know she is being photographed… the reward is handsome.

Derek accepts – how could he refuse? But the assignment leads him to seedy Soho in the new multi-cultural landscape of the 1950’s. Who is the girl? Why does she take a different route each day? What do an Irish comedian, a Russian conjuror and an American saxophone player have to do with a sudden bloody incident? In solving the mystery Derek finds his whole outlook on life is changed.

Douglas Post’s wonderfully intelligent thrillers do more than keep you on the edge of your seat – they examine the turbulent human heart.

Canterbury Theatre Festival 2013


“An extraordinary and exhausting performance… a fine story, told by a superb storyteller”

“superb… combines outstanding acting and a gripping plot”
The Times


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